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Lessons from the Garden: Why All the Weeds?


An endearing Easy Reader Christian Book, written especially for you and your 0-7 year old children, with 21 colorfully illustrated pages. The story is suitable as a Read Aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for Beginning Readers.

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A Unique Retelling of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden that your Kids Will Love!

Dolly, a young dinosaur, loves to ask questions. No matter what she’s doing, she is constantly asking questions. Whether she’s helping her mom hang the laundry or eating dinner…

Dolly has many questions running through her mind. One of the things she wonders about is why there are so many weeds in the garden. When she asks her grandpa this question, he takes her on a trip down memory lane to explain exactly why weeds came about.

Join Dolly on this adventure. What will happen after she discovers the origin of weeds? Will Dolly finally be satisfied with her grandpa’s answer?

Reading picture books to your children is very important. It’s best to choose books with clear pictures of familiar objects. Pick out a page from Lessons from the Garden: Why All the Weeds? and talk to him about it. Ask him, “What questions do you think Dolly will ask next?” “Why did Eve listen to the snake?” “What should Adam do when Eve offers him the apple?”

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A great, child-friendly retelling of the story of Adam and Eve. Adorable illustrations and easy to read text for little learners!


Brandi Jordan

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