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Dan and the Deer


Dan and the Deer is an endearing children’s picture book, written especially for you and your 0-7 year old children, with 22 colorful illustrations. The story is suitable as a read-aloud book for preschoolers or a self-read book for beginning readers.

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Dan loves apples! He’s so excited when his parents help him buy and plant an apple tree in his own yard. Unfortunately, someone else also loves Dan’s apple tree… and that someone is threatening to destroy it! What will Dan do? Will his tree survive?

Join Dan on this adventure. Will his tree survive? Will Dan learn how to rely on God when things aren’t going as planned?

Reading picture books to your children is very important. It’s best to choose books with clear pictures of familiar objects. Pick out a page from Dan and the Deer and talk to him about it. Ask him, “Do you think anything else has happened to Dan’s tree?” “What should Dan do now?” “Why do you think God is letting this happen to Dan’s tree?”

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Sweet story with a Biblical base. My children loved this story and could relate to poor Dan’s deer dilemma after having their own plants nibbled on by nearby squirrels!


Brandi Jordan



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